Practice Discussion

In traditional Zen temples and monasteries, teachers and students spend a great deal of their time together sitting zazen, working side-by-side, studying, and caring for the community. In addition, there are both formal and informal ways in which the student and teacher meet to penetrate the essential questions of Zen practice. Dokusan is the term used for a private meeting with the teacher. This is an opportunity for the student to bring their questions to the Zen Master in an intimate setting and for the teacher to get a sense of the student’s practice and understanding of the dharma (the Buddha’s teachings). In less formal settings this is called Practice Discussion, and is commonly offered in most lay Zen centers. Flint is available for Practice Discussion on a limited basis at Appamada for regular practitioners at the Center.

Flint also offers Practice Discussion Groups which combine both the intimacy of individual practice discussion and the shared intimacy of Inquiry. These groups meet for defined periods (10-12 groups in each block) and are not content driven or topical. Each participant brings whatever they are working with in their living practice to the group for support and clarity. As a group, our intention is to meet each other with as much wisdom and compassion as our practice allows.