Growing Up and Waking Up Presentation

This post is a pointer to a new set of video links to a presentation I did for the Mind and Science Foundation a few years ago. The presentation is divided into 9 segments and are all linked on my website Teaching page. I was speaking to a large lay audience but I was representing an important scientific organization. I did my best to bridge there two worlds and to speak for the kinds of work that goes into the double helix of human maturing—growing up and waking up. I hope you enjoy the talk. [Below is a screen shot from the first video but is not a live link. Please go to my website to find the links to the videos]

4 thoughts on “Growing Up and Waking Up Presentation

  1. Dear Flint, Thank you so very much. I spoke with the moon last night before I fell asleep.
    This morning I wrote just like I usually do, except this morning, I was reflecting on the last time I felt lost, and asked myself what did I do…. Then I remembered , a moment in Molokai.
    So here is a secret that I will tell you in public ( loved your words)
    I wrote this morning what I said to myself that day, ‘ Please Donna help me, Flint bring me home’ and then a bird appeared who I listened to and I found my way…..
    What I wrote next this morning … I am asking for blessings and grace, I need spiritual interaction and guidance, I can’t do this alone- anymore. I then powered up the laptop and saw one email , your email. I thank you for reminding me so clearly of everything that you shared in your talk with Teresa Martin. It meant a lot to me, now and I suspect forever more. For this grace, blessing and for being a true spiritual friend, I thank you, love, Tara

    1. Dear Tara. I am sitting in our little hillside home on Molokai tonight as I read your words, remembering our time together on the island as I watch the moon cast its silvery glow over the palm leaves. You are not alone. Even with the distance, we are connected and available to each other in direct and mysterious ways. With warm aloha, Flint

  2. Oh Flint,
    Aloha, now I am crying, with joy , so much joy, Thank you, Thank Molokai, the magical island with magical people . Thank you for this connection, and for the island that keeps on taking care of me from afar, aloha, Tara

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