Touching contact

Sometimes there are no words. Lately I’ve found myself in a place of very quiet tenderness. It’s not that I am devoid of feeling. I feel a lot. Its not that words don’t ever come in response to a gentle request or a warm greeting by a friend. I simply feel no desire to lead with words. I want to look deeply and touch lightly. I want to be in intimate contact in whatever way is appropriate and to feel the trembling pulse of aliveness just under the skin of social activity.

I don’t have many words to offer now. In the Inquiry session that is linked to this brief post I acted in an unconventional manner. Rather than giving an introductory talk, I stood and walked among all the people in the room looking into people’s eyes and briefly making contact — a touch on the shoulder, meeting and outstretched hand, brushing by an arm or a leg. Touching contact. If you listen to the session you will hear the result. I hope you will take the time.

Quiet tenderness

8 thoughts on “Touching contact

  1. Beautiful! It was hard to figure out what was going on at first. I actually envisioned you doing an improve dance or movement. I was just as delighted to hear you were making contact with people. Thank you Flint

  2. Flint…thanks for serving through the “sangha without walls”.

    I listened through headphones — helped to pick up sound of movement.

    This recording brought back the memory and sensation of a poem that you shared — Annunciation by Marie Howe — especially this line:

    only able to endure it by being no one and so
    specifically myself I thought I’d die
    from being loved like that

    1. I so appreciate everyone’s responses and your sense of what was being transmitted and received is very much on the mark. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to listen so carefully. We were not set up to capture the audience audio very well, but you obviously were able to take it in. Thank you.

  3. OOF! Day of relentless rain. This evening the raindrops shimmer in my garden….. ‘edge of tears’. No words…..just notice. And a hallelujah moment. Thanks Flint x

    1. Thank you Gregory. It was a pleasure to have you as part of the lovely group that opened so beautifully over the week.

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